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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

☼When the Earth gets warmer☼

Human activities result in the emission of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. the high concentration of trapped greenhouse gases together with infra-red (radiation) will result in an increase in global temperature.

Global warming will result in the increase of humidity in the air causing heavy rainfalls and flood. This is a common and recent phenomenon in the tropics. Global warming causes frequent flooding as well as long period of drought.

A heatwave is a period of unusually hot weather. As the Earth gets warmer, we will experience frequent heatwaves. In 2003, 35,000 people in Europe died in the heatwaves. Global warming also causes the ice caps in the polar regions to melt faster. The continuous melting of the ice caps is bad news for the polar bears in the North Pole. They have to swim long distances to reach one iceberg from another.  Countries will low-lying land mass will have to evacuate their population to higher ground when the sea level rises.

Global warming will bring about an imbalance in the ecological system. A short winter will increase the population of the pine beetles which in turn will result in more pine trees being destroyed by the beetles. 

A change in global weather will threaten the existence of most animals on Earth, some to the point of extinction. Besides coping with the change in temperature, animals and humans will be fighting for their own territory when the land mass becomes smaller as the sea level rises.

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