Trail Of Waving Hearts ❥SCIENCE WORLD❥: November 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do vampire suck blood?

Vampire bats are depicted as huge creatures in horror films. Though, these mammals feed on the blood of other mammals including man, they are very small in sizes, not more than six to nine centimetres in length. The vampire bats are found only in Central and South America. 
They feed at night and suck the blood of horse and cattle. When the prey is fast asleep, it cuts away a small piece of skin with its razor-sharp teeth, usually on the neck or leg of the animal. its saliva contain a chemical that stops the blood from clotting. It when sucks up the blood oozing out from the wound.

Why is hump important for camel?

Also known as the ship of the desert, camels can live without food and water for days together. This is the reason why camels have been used for travelling in desert since times immemorial. Before starting a long journey, a camel takes in large quantities of water and food. the water is stored in water pouches in its stomach, while the food is stored as fat in its hump. It is because of this hump that a camel can survive in the dry and harsh desert. All these days, the camel's body survives on this reserved fat and provides energy to the animal. after a long journey, the hump gets loosened. The camel rests for a long time; has its intake of food and water and sets out for another journey.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How does a Tadpole turn into a Frog

A tadpole turns into a frog after undergoing a series of changes. When it hatches from the egg, in no way does it resemble a frog. It has a small black body, a tail and a pair of gills. For some days, it has no mouth and it attaches itself to a stone or a leaf and survives on the remain of the egg-yolk.

Soon it develops a mouth with horny teeth and starts feeding on vegetation. Gradually, the internal gills develop, the hind and the front legs appear and the tail disappears. The mouth becomes bigger and soon the tadpole changes into a frog.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Which bird can laugh?

The 'Laughing Jackars ' found in Australia and New Zealand can laugh likes humans. Actually, it is not laughing, but its cry sounds like a laugh.Its belongs to the king-fisher family of birds. It feeds on a variety of animals including deadly poisonous snakes. It is 17 inches long. It usually lives near streams. It is a rare species, which is becoming extinct these days. In Australia, the laughing jackars are very valuable, as they eat the poisonous snakes. It is also called kookaburra.

What is a seahorse?

‘Seahorse ’ is actually a fish. Its head looks similiar to the head of a horse. It is found in the sea and comes in various colours and sizes. It is a unique fish because of two features - one, it swims in a vertical position. And another unique features of this fish is that the male seahorse bears the children. The female lays eggs inside the male seahorse and when the children came out, the male seahourse takes them out of his body.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Stick Insect

The stick insect needs to disguise itself because it can't fly. it also walks very slowly, so it can't get away when an enemy chases it.
Since it makes itself look like a stick, it usually keeps still and avoids being noticed.

The Peppered Moth

The peppered moth looks like a piece of tree bark. Its colour and wing patterns are exactly the same as a tree.
Therefore it can rest comfortably under the noses of its enemies.

Did you know~~~

Polar bear can smell you up to 32 km away.

A bee has five eyes.

A snail breathes through its foot.

Most snake have six rows of teeth.

A fly can change direction in 30 milliseconds.

Owl have no teeth.
When baby sharks are born, they quickly swim away from their mothers. This is because their mothers might see them as prey and eat them.